Here are some things that make us optimistic!

Humans are the tallest we’ve ever been as a species

  • Humans are the tallest we’ve ever been as a species
  • The largest creature to ever exist, the blue whale, doesn’t want to eat us
  • Salk donated the polio vaccine to humanity for free
  • If even 1% of people find you attractive, that’s over 80 million people worldwide
  • Animals we’ve rehabbed off the endangered list: Siberian Tiger, Panda, American Alligator, Gray Whale
  • We’ve eradicated the guinea worm
  • Cats only meow to communicate with humans
  • There are more libraries than McDonalds’ in America
  • Humans have the biggest penis-body ratio of any primate
  • Deaths from war (per capita) have never been lower in the history of humanity
  • We know which plants kill us and which ones get us high
  • Altruistic behavior in disaster scenarios actually increases
  • We’ve made more technological advances in the past 100 years than in the previous 2000
  • We have instant access to videos of people falling off of stuff
  • Depending on your location, you can select from 20 different radio stations at any given time

Who we are


We’re a small company, founded on friendship. We want to make vaping more fun and less trashy.

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We donate 50% of our profits to worthy organizations

This month’s donation goes to the Fair Fight,  in order to support fair funoff elections in Georgia that will determine control of the senate.


Here’s a livestream of bears catching salmon.